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Grey Label
$1,993Setup Fee
  • $1000 Monthly Fee
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White Label
$32,800Setup Fee
  • $5000 Monthly Fee / Annually $1300

Brokerage Company Setup

We offer tailor made packages for all your business needs to be a true successful broker. Our services cover the entire range of business capabilities from setting up an online brokerage platform to full fledged Trading company. We provide a broad range of business consulting solutions including offshore / onshore Forex brokerage system setup, Hedge funds system setup, Payment processor solutions, Company formation, Banking & Licensing Solutions.

Front & Back End Development

Our web developers develop business-class, head-to-toe web site, back-end management and client cabinet with the implementation of latest technology solutions that are well structured and easy to manage. We don’t just build websites – we design powerful IT solutions for brokerage owner. We provide comprehensive value-added services to assist our clients achieve the best practices, improved compliance and optimized foreign exchange IT management.

Everything That You Need

Training will be conducted by internal as well as external trainers, with a hands-on review of the activities to reinforce essential concepts, particularly developed for the staff and your management. A dedicated time is allocated in every session to discuss in-house developed case studies and actual scenarios of some of our clients keeping their confidentiality in mind.